Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Creative Estates

I have a problem that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. I sit down to craft and then “it” begins. What’s “it” you ask? Any one of these….

1. The little ones think they’re needs (such as food) are more important than your project and as soon as you sit down to craft they suddenly need something that they didn’t need 2 seconds ago. (You however get them whatever they need because they are sooo cute!)

2. Every time you craft the kids go crazy and their rooms look like this:

3. Crafting space is no longer for crafting and is taken over by everybody else (and you still love them anyways)

4. Nothing is where you put it last and they kids find creative uses for your craft items.

Who knew Cricut bags made such a good toy transport system?

5. Kids try to “help” you with your craft, but we all know they’re only helping lengthen your clean up time. However, in the process you find things you thought were gone forever. Haha!

As much as you love crafting while talking to a toddler, listening to Disney Channel, and wondering what that noise was and what just got broken, there’s a solution to all the above situations. What’s the solution you ask? Give up? No. Stop crafting? No. The solution is Creative Estates! What could be better than crafting while hanging out with friends and having adult conversations? Seriously. As much as I love my family, and that’s a LOT, everybody needs some adult time every once in a while, right? That’s why I would absolutely love to win a ticket for my friend Kaley and I to attend Creative Estates. We’re both stay-at-home mom’s and could really use this weekend away to actually relax while crafting and recharge our batteries. :)

Check them out here:http://creative-estates.com/blog/free-ticket-for-you-a-friend